Our goal at SEDC is to help educators identify their needs and to assist in providing the avenues to meet those needs. Our team continually seeks out new knowledge, implementing best practices to deliver exceptional services and learning opportunities.

The specific services are described throughout this website. Here is a manual of the services we provide .

How do I contact an SEDC Specialist?

SEDC is located in Cedar City, Utah at the following address (click for map ).  All Staff can be reached at the main SEDC phone number below. You will also find their email address included with their bio.

Southwest Educational Development Center
520 West 800 South
Cedar City, UT 84720
Telephone – (435) 586-2865
Fax – (435) 586-2868

Learn more about our team members below.

  • Joe B. Wright: SEDC Executive Director

    SEDC Executive Director, Joe B. Wright

    Photograph of Joe B. Wright, SEDC Executive DirectorJoe B. Wright is the Director of the Southwest Educational Center. Joe B. was born and raised in Kanab, Utah. He graduated from Kanab High School and attended Southern Utah University. While at SUU, Joe B was a Presidential Ambassador and Student Association Officer. It was during his time at SUU that he began his high school officiating career, which he continues today. You may have seen him wearing a striped shirt on the football fields and basketball courts of Southern Utah. He graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Social Science Education. Upon graduation, he and his wife Staci moved back to his hometown of Kanab and began teaching at Fredonia Middle School in Fredonia, Arizona. He also taught, coached, and was the Athletic Director at Fredonia High School. He received a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. In 2010, Joe B. became the Principal of Fredonia Elementary School and the District’s Special Education Director. Three years later he was hired as the Superintendent of Fredonia-Moccasin Unified School District. At the same time he chose to begin a second Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northcentral University which was awarded in 2017. While living in Kanab their family has grown with two daughters and two sons. Joe B. has tried to give back to the community that has given him so much. He has served multiple terms on the Kanab City Planning Commission, Kane County Water Conservancy District, and Kanab City Council.

    SEDC’s mission is to provide educators with the services that will allow them to spend their time wisely in creating and presenting excellent classroom instruction, assuring that the students of today receive the skills they need for tomorrow. SEDC strives to successfully meet the needs of students and teachers, promote achievement, and provide for economy and efficiency in the cooperative delivery of educational services that are identified and requested by member schools and Executive Board Members.

    Our goal at SEDC is to help educators and administrators identify their needs and to assist in providing the avenues to meet those needs. Our team is continually seeking out new resources and knowledge while implementing best practices to deliver services and learning opportunities in a variety of mediums.

    Joe B. can be reached by email: joeb@sedck12.org


    Joe B. has completed the certifications below:

    GCE Badge

  • Selene Corbridge: Office Manager

    Office Manager, Selene Corbridge

    Photograph of Selene Corbridge, Office ManagerSelene Corbridge is the Office Manager for Southwest Educational Development Center in Cedar City, UT. She is responsible for the daily operation and activities of the center. These responsibilities include; tracking of revenue, accounts payable and receivable, requisitions for purchase orders, preparing payroll, preparing invoices for assessments, and monitoring employee contracts. Selene prepares correspondence for SEDC’s Executive Board and keeps minutes for their monthly board meetings.

    In addition, Selene is the Administrator for the Southwest Sterling Scholar program. This includes managing budgets, planning board meetings, scheduling and working to have everything run smoothly.

    Selene schedules the Simulator trailer moves throughout the region, as well as repair on these trailers. She helps when schools need lamps for overheads and projectors by ordering large volumes at a lower cost and invoicing for these services.

    Lastly, Selene is a welcoming presence in the office. She answers phones, greets visitors and maintains a professional atmosphere for those who visit and work at SEDC.


    Contact Selene by email: selene@sedck12.org


  • Clint Stephens: Technology Integration & Data Specialist

    Technology Integration, Professional Learning & Data Specialist, Clint Stephens

    Photograph of Clint Stephens, Educational Technology Integration SpecialistRegional Technology Integration Specialist Clint Stephens brings twelve years classroom experience to SEDC. Clint was awarded the Utah Middle School Science Teacher of the Year award by his peers and also won several technology innovation grants & awards. He has taught secondary science in Escalante, Hurricane and Salt Lake City, and has been helping teachers in the SEDC region for over 9 years.

    If you would like Clint to provide a technology training at your school, make a request to your Principal or district technology coordinator. They will work with Clint to get you the tools and knowledge you need to successfully integrate technology into your instruction.

    Have a date in mind? Take a look at his calendar .

    Looking for his blog? His training resources, tutorials, and handouts are available at http://edtech.zone . You can also follow him on Twitter , follow his Technology Training Facebook page , or explore his Google+ Profile .


    Contact Clint by email: clint@sedck12.org

    Clint has completed the certifications below:

    Certification badges that Clint has earned.

  • Chris Haught: Technology/Media Mentor & Autism Assistant

    Technology & Media Mentor and Autism Secretary, Chris Haught

    Photograph of Chris Haught, Media Mentor and Autism SecretaryShe can help with all your multimedia & physical media needs such as printing of large format posters, READ Posters, scheduling IVC conferences, and more. Chris works closely with the Region’s librarians providing support and training on Utah’s Online Library, our Regional Overdrive library, our KOHA library system, Digital Citizenship and and other topics, including the yearly Southern Utah Media Specialists (SUMS) Conference. She is also a board member of UIMC and UELMA.

    Chris is part of the Technology Training team, assisting in Website development, Data, Research Skills, Google Apps, Virtual Field Trips and more.

    As the assistant to the Autism Director, Chris provides support to the teachers in the region using the Relias Program, as well as planning the annual Autism Conference.

    Chris can also help answer questions about the Southwest Utah Sterling Scholar Program and Competition.

    Check out Chris’ blog here for more information.


    Contact Chris by email: chrish@sedck12.org

    Chris has completed the certifications below:

    Images of Chris' certification badges

  • Scott Harpster: Systems Engineer

    Systems Engineer, Scott Harpster

    Photograph of Scott Harpster, System EngineerScott Harpster, the Systems Engineer and Programmer, provides support to district technology directors as well as offering support in data backups, wired and wireless network evaluation, security camera implementation, data synchronization, IP phones, content filtering, firewalls, DNS, network monitoring, Aspire technical support, virtualization, Active Directory, and security.

    Contact Scott at (435) 586-2865



  • McKay Thompson: Systems Specialist

    Systems Specialist, McKay Thompson

    Photo of McKay Thompson, SEDC Systems SpecialistMcKay Thompson, the System’s Specialist,  provides professional technical help and support to district and charter school technology directors and other support staff. McKay provides expert support for Windows, Mac, Linux, firewalls, hardware configuration, and networking.


    Contact McKay by email: mckayt@sedck12.org



  • Paul Day: Director of Autism Services

    Director of Autism Services, Paul Day

    Photograph of Paul Day, Director of Autism ServicesPaul Day is a school psychologist and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. He has been working in the field of autism for the past 25 years. Paul has been an autism specialist for school districts for over 20 years. His specialty is developing ABA based intervention programs for students with autism. He has won awards such as Autism Educator of the Year and Disabilities Advocate of the Year.

    Paul is a resource serving families and professionals who live and work with children with autism in the SEDC Region. He provides training, support, and consultation to school directors, autism specialists, teachers, and parents about appropriate support for students with Autism, ages 3 through 21.  He will work with educators and parents in a six-county area: Millard, Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane, and Washington. His main focus is to build the capacity of school district personnel to implement effective interventions for students with autism.

    Annual Autism Conference Information

    Contact Paul by email: paul@sedck12.org