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  • Spring 2019 Math Endorsement Class- NEW COHORT STARTING

    Spring 2019 Math Endorsement Class- NEW COHORT STARTING

    We are ready to start registration for the Spring 2019 Math Endorsement Class: K-8 EDUC 5500 Numbers and Operations for Practitioners.  This is the first course in a new cohort, so if you have been waiting to start at the beginning THE TIME IS NOW!

    This class will be offered on Mondays starting January 7 – May 6, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

    IVC will be used to offer this class. There are four designated locations where you can attend, but we are more than happy to add more if needed. We try to make it possible for you to attend within your school district so there is no travel.

    Here is the SEDC Registration Form  for the class and to distribute to others who may be interested. (This link will only register you with SEDC you will also need to complete UVU registration for college credit).

    Please download the class flyer to print and share with others who may be interested.

    Please see the below information to register at UVU for credit .  We are encouraging teachers to complete the admission, registration, and payment of fees processes prior to the beginning of class.

    If you plan on taking this course and receiving UVU credit, you must register through UVU for the class by carefully following the attached instructions.  If you have previously completed the admission process, then all you need to do is go online, follow the registration instructions on page 2, and then pay the course registration fee.  If this is the first UVU endorsement class that you have taken, then you will need to first complete the admission instructions and then register for the class. Register NOW since you have only 3 weeks from the start of class to complete the registration process.

    John Allan is the UVU Endorsement Program Coordinator.  If you have concerns and/or questions related to UVU or the Endorsement Program, he is the person to contact.  He is more than willing to help you with this process. His contact information is as follows:

    John W. Allan
    Endorsement Program Coordinator
    Utah Valley University, School of Education
    Email: JohnA@uvu.edu
    Phone: (801)  863-7614

  • Spring 2019 ETEP Courses – Registration Open!

    Spring 2019 ETEP Courses – Registration Open!

    Our next round of Educational Technology Endorsement Program courses are now ready for registration. The following courses will begin on January 10:

    • Digital Photography in the Classroom, IELP 5500-368 – This workshop introduces teachers to the use of digital cameras to enhance student learning. Participants learn basic skills in taking and editing digital photos while exploring how digital photography can be integrated into project-based lessons that engage students in curricula. In addition to gaining hands-on experience with digital cameras and free software for photo editing, participants create a multimedia project they can use in the classroom. This course fills the ISTE Standard 1 requirement.
    • Digital Portfolios for College and Career Readiness, IELP 5514-370 – Help prepare your students for future endeavors in both the academic and professional setting by developing a digital portfolio. In this course we will explore resources for college and career research, resume writing, and college entrance essay writing practice. We will conclude by learning how to build a digital portfolio to showcase student achievement. This course fills the ISTE Standard 3 requirement.

    Starting on February 28: 

    • Online Tools for Flexible Formative Assessments, IELP 5950-365 – Effective formative assessment can transform the teaching and learning experience and dramatically improve student learning outcomes. This course focuses on why formative assessment is important and how to effectively use it in the classroom with the help of several online tools. The participants in this course will learn to use free assessment tools like Answer Garden, Padlet, Socrative, Kahoot!, ClassKick, and NearPod to help them formatively assess their students’ learning. This course fills the ISTE Standard 2 requirement.

    Contact Clint with any questions.

    Looking for more options? Our sister Service Center, Central Utah Educational Services (CUES) is also offering courses within the EdTech Endorsement. Below are the courses they are offering, beginning on January 10:

    Starting on February 28: 

    If you have any questions about the CUES courses, contact Clint or Brandon Harrison at CUES.

    ETEP Spring 2018 flyer

  • Innovation in Garfield County – School-Based LTE Broadband for Students at Home?

    Innovation in Garfield County – School-Based LTE Broadband for Students at Home?

    Will a new push for free wireless internet help rural students get online? Pending FCC rule change could help close the ‘homework gap’

    by CHRIS BERDIK, November 12, 2018

    PANGUITCH, Utah — Both before and after classes at Panguitch High School, a low-slung brick building nestled in the high desert of southern Utah, students find their way to Shawn Caine’s classroom. They settle in at the computers where Caine teaches coding and software, such as Illustrator and Photoshop, or they head to the back room for the 3-D printer, vinyl cutter and robotics kits.

    Some kids come to log extra time on class projects. Others show up just for the internet. Caine oversees the school’s Chromebooks. Her district of Garfield County has provided a computer to every student since 2016. And yet, reliable broadband is far from guaranteed in this region of towering plateaus, sagebrush valleys and steep canyons.

    Like much of rural America, Garfield County is on the wrong side of the “homework gap” — a stubborn disparity in at-home broadband that hinders millions of students’ access to the array of online learning, collaboration and research tools that are enjoyed by their better-connected peers. Many of Garfield’s students trek to internet oases such as Caine’s classroom or one of the local businesses willing to host a district Wi-Fi router.

    Going without isn’t an option. “All their work is on that computer,” said Caine, “and they need that access.”…

    Continue to the full article on The Hechinger Report

  • BYU Independent Study Courses Available for Utah Teachers using Canvas

    Usage Information About Blended Content from the BYU IS Courses in Canvas

    The BYU High School Suite blended courses were designed for teachers as a digital resource that supports face-to-face classroom instruction for original credit. The blended set of courses is unique in its offering and value for Utah schools. These blended courses are authored, designed, and published by a Utah-based university and designed by Utah Certified Secondary education teachers and BYU Independent Study Instructional Designers to meet Utah’s Common Core curriculum standards. These courses are natively delivered in Canvas giving teachers a full course or modules that contain content, videos, assignments, quizzes, exams that are fully aligned to Utah State standards. Most courses are self-contained, not requiring an external textbook or other resources, so these courses become a complete solution.

    Here is a list of the currently available courses . More courses are due to be added by February 2019.

    Every course is editable, so a teacher can adapt it to include their favorite assignments and activities without needing to create the content or assessment base for the course. The blended course offers teachers great flexibility on how they decide to use the course material. For example, teachers can assign students to study the course content and take the self-check quizzes in preparation for the classroom lesson, use the class time to work on the assignments or the teachers’ custom activities or projects, use the unit quizzes as formative assessments, and the midterm and final exams as summative assessments.

    There are currently about 100 courses available through Canvas Commons.  An additional 100 courses will be ready around February of 2019.  We currently have a 5 year agreement with BYU to uses this material.  If this material is well received we will look to work with BYU to extend this beyond.  A list of current courses can be found in the attached PDF.  These courses will NOT be available in any other LMS besides Canvas.

    License and Rights

    Use of this course and course material is limited to blended teacher-facilitated original credit courses in Utah only. The purpose of these resources is to support face-to-face classroom instruction for original credit for a cohort of students who begin, progress through and end a course together during an established academic time period. Reselling, re-distributing, sub-licensing, reverse engineering, as well as the removal of this notice, is expressly prohibited. Use of this course for credit recovery or non-facilitated online instruction is also prohibited, but may be available through a separate license. To request such a license, email training@uen.org.

    Learn How to Use This Content in Your Canvas Course

  • Can’t Find it? View the Legacy SEDC Website

    SEDC Legacy Website

    Can’t find what you are looking for? Our new site still has some work left to be done, so if you can’t find what you are looking for, head to our old site:



  • SEDC Snapshot – Fall 2018 Newsletter

    SEDC Snapshot – Fall 2018 Newsletter

    Download our Fall ’18 newsletter (PDF)

    illustration of SEDC SnapShot Newsletter for Fall 2018 Page 1

    illustration of SEDC SnapShot Newsletter for Fall 2018 Page 2


  • UEN’s Homeroom – New Podcast Series

    UEN logo illustrationUEN’s Homeroom Podcast

    UEN’s Jared Covili (@covili ) and Dani K. Sloan (@DaniKSloan ) host a new podcast for educators called UEN’s Homeroom. This podcast is UEN’s chance to tell the stories and talk about the issues impacting Utah’s amazing teachers. They plan to feature educators and leaders from across the state of Utah in a fun and informative bi-monthly podcast.

    SEDC’s very own Clint Stephens is featured in Episode 2 to discuss how technology is helping rural teachers improve student learning. You can listen to that podcast below. Like it and want to hear more? Subscribe to the podcast series on iTunes or with the RSS feed. Not a regular podcast listener but would like to hear more? You can listen to back episodes on the podcast archive page . If you like it, subscribe and let the folks on Twitter know about it – #uenhomeroom


  • Interested In An Educational Technology Endorsement? Earn It Through SEDC

    Learn more about our online Educational Technology Endorsement Courses at SEDC

    SEDC is working in cooperation with the Utah Education Network (UEN), the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) and Southern Utah University (SUU) to provide professional learning opportunities to earn an Educational Technology Endorsement Program (ETEP) endorsement for teachers in our region. These courses will be held entirely online through the Canvas learning management system.

    The ETEP endorsement consists of 18 credit hours of courses: 3 3-credit core courses (9 credit hours) which are focused on many of the core concepts in educational technology integration. An additional 6 credits of courses focused on technology to support your curriculum, and 3 credits of courses where you use technology to enhance your professional practice are required as electives. These 5000-level credits will be awarded through SUU at a cost to participants of $23 per credit to record.

    Teachers following in-step with the SEDC ETEP plan will complete this endorsement in 2 years, but we plan on offering these courses on a continual rotating basis, so you are free to jump in anytime that you can. Credit earned in the program can also be used for salary lane changes. Coursework can be applied towards a Master’s degree program from either Southern Utah University or the University of Utah.

    Our next round of courses will begin September 6, 2018, but if you are interested you can join in at anytime. The courses offered during the 2018-2019 school year begin about every 2 months and run for 6 weeks. We will begin the 12-week core courses in early September 2019. Take a look at the upcoming courses we will offer!

    Learn more about the entire endorsement program requirements from UEN.

    Download the 2018 ETEP Flyer in PDF format.

    illustration of ETEP 2018 Flyer

  • Academic Pathway to Teacher (APT/ARL) Licensure Program for Service Centers