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  • Instructional Design & Assessment for Coaching Endorsement – Registration Open

    Instructional Design & Assessment

    Course 3 of 3 in the SEDC Instructional Coaching Endorsement Series

    Register Here

    Registration is now open for the third and final course in our Instructional Coaching Endorsement series. Our Summer 2022 class is Instructional Design & Assessment. This endorsement program is designed for licensed educators that are or aspire to be coaches and instructional leaders. 

    This class will be completed primarily through asynchronous work in Canvas.  Three synchronous meetings are required and will be held via Zoom from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm on May 17th, June 28th, & August 16th.  There will be approximately 20 hours of competency-based assignments between each class meeting.

    Zoom and Canvas will be used to offer this class. No travel or in-person attendance is required.

    There are two flyers to download and share. One is a general overview of the Instructional Coaching Endorsement. The other is a flyer specific to the Instructional Design & Assessment course for Summer 2022. Please distribute this information to anyone interested.


    There is a charge of $300.00 per endorsement class taken through SEDC. This fee will also pay for the SUU credit for those registered with SUU on time.

    Course Registration:

    Here is SEDC’s Registration Form for the class and to distribute to others. Please also register with SUU prior to the class beginning by using this registration information (Word doc). SEDC will pay the fees for all registered students by May 15th. SUU registration after May 15th may result in the individual being responsible for the $69.00 SUU fee.

    Please direct any questions regarding this course or SEDC’s Instructional Coaching Endorsement to Joe B. Wright – Executive Director of SEDC, joeb@sedck12.org, 435-586-2865

  • Math Endorsement Course for Summer 2022 – EDUC 5540 Data Analysis and Problem Solving for Practitioners for K-8 Educators

    EDUC 5540 Data Analysis and Problem Solving for Practitioners for K-8 Educators

    Math Endorsement Course for Summer ’22 Semester

    We are ready to start registration for the Summer 2022 Math Endorsement Class: K-8 EDUC 5540 Data Analysis and Problem Solving for Practitioners.  This is the fifth course in a new cohort.  Even if you did not take the first courses, you are welcome to register and take this course.

    Sessions for this course will be held in June and July.  You are only required to participate in one of the sessions.  Each session will be held Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am until 12:30 pm each day.  The June session will be June 13, 2022 through June 23, 2022.  The July session will be July 11, 2022 through July 21, 2022.

    Zoom will be used to offer this class virtually.  Synchronous class attendance and participation is required.

    SEDC is going back to using a Google Form for registration.  At this time we are no longer using MIDAS for registration purposes.  Here is SEDC’s REGISTRATION LINK for the class and to distribute to others. (This link will only register you with SEDC – you will also need to complete UVU registration for college credit). 

    Please view and share this flyer with others who may be interested.

    SEDC Fee: $210.00.  (All eligible teachers’ SEDC Fee of $210.00 may be paid for by the USBE STEM Endorsement Incentive Program)

    Utah Valley University: UVU charges $15.00 per credit for class credit. This is a three credit class, so tuition will be $45.00 (there is a one time admission fee of $35.00 if you have never taken a class from UVU). These charges may be REIMBURSED for all eligible teachers by SEDC with funding from the USBE STEM Endorsement Incentive program.

    Please see the below information and this document to register at UVU for credit.  We are encouraging teachers to complete the admission, registration, and payment of fees processes prior to the beginning of class.

    If you plan on taking this course and receiving the Utah Elementary Math Endorsement, you must receive college credit, you must register through UVU for the class by carefully following the attached instructions.  If you have previously completed the admission process, then all you need to do is go online, follow the registration instructions on page 2, and then pay the $45 tuition fee.  If this is the first UVU endorsement class that you have taken, then you will need to first complete the admission instructions and then register for the class.  Register NOW since you have only 3 weeks from the start of class to complete the registration process.

    John Allan is the UVU Endorsement Program Coordinator.  If you have concerns and/or questions related to UVU or the Endorsement Program, he is the person to contact.  His contact information is as follows: John W. Allan, Endorsement Program Coordinator-Utah Valley University, School of Education.  Email: JohnA@uvu.edu  Phone: (801) 863-7614

    Registration Link | Information Flyer PDF | UVU Registration Information PDF



  • Southern Utah Autism Conference 2022

    Southern Utah Autism Conference 2022

    Join Us April 23rd in Cedar City, Utah!


    Presenter Information Session Descriptions Schedule Directions and map Presenter Handouts


  • Test Vouchers for UEN’s Free Google Certified Educator MOOC Courses

    Test Vouchers for UEN’s Free Google Certified Educator MOOC Courses

    As you may know, UEN offers free self-paced courses for Google Certified Educator Level One and Level Two to help teachers become a Google Certified Educator. One barrier for educators is the fee that Google requires educators to take their certification exams. To help more Utah teachers become Google Certified Educators, UEN is offering exam vouchers to any teacher who completes the required coursework in the Google Certified Educator Level One or Google Certified Educator Level Two MOOC course. 
    These vouchers provide teachers with a free exam to achieve their certification. Teachers who complete their Level One certificate can then work on their Level Two certificate and receive a second voucher to complete that exam as well. 
    The coursework for UEN’s MOOC course follows Google for Education’s program and teachers submit screenshots of completed work. If teachers need additional help, GEGUtah and UEN hosted open GCE Level One and Two training sessions this Fall and filmed them. You can find the playlist at this link: 
    If your school or LEA would like a training program to help teachers become Google Certified Educators, please reach out to UEN via this form
    If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact Matthew Winters at UEN (mwinters@uen.org). Also, we would love to keep expanding Utah’s Google Educator Group with educators from around the state. Here is a great infographic PDF to learn more about Utah GEG and to share with others. Join Utah GEG at this link.
  • Edcamp CUT in Richfield on April 30 2022 – Register Now for Free

    EdcampCUT in Richfield

    April 30, 2022 at Red Hills Middle School

    The UCET Organization has held Edcamps in Northern and Southern Utah in the past, but they are now offering the first-ever Edcamp for educators in central Utah! Edcamps are not like your typical conferences – sessions are focused on conversations, not presentations, and are based on input and suggestions from the attendees. Edcamps are always FREE, and are a fun and refreshing change of pace. Learn more about Edcamps here. Working on your ETEP Endorsement? This is a great opportunity for your EdTech Conference requirement!

    Register here for EdcampCUT


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  • UEN’s Digital Locker for Educators

    decorative image for UEN Digital Locker - shows purple lockers with text tips on the various resources teachers will find on this site

    UEN’s Digital Locker for Educators

    UEN has announced a new resource for Utah educators. It’s designed to be a perfect “Go To” for some just-in-time training or help. It is extremely easy to navigate, and can quickly get you to the perfect UEN resource right when you need it. 

    Check it out at uen.org/locker


  • Reimagine Teaching Videos

    Reimagine Teaching Videos

    Using funds available to the Regional Educational Service Agencies from UETN through Utah’s CARES education funding, we have contracted with great educational thinkers to create multiple series of videos to help all Utah educators with ideas and best practices for instructing students at this challenging time. 

    Index of Videos:


  • Interested In An Educational Technology Endorsement? Earn It Through SEDC

    Learn more about our online Educational Technology Endorsement Courses at SEDC

    SEDC is working in cooperation with the Utah Education Network (UEN), the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) and Southern Utah University (SUU) to provide professional learning opportunities to earn an Educational Technology Endorsement Program (ETEP) endorsement for teachers in our region. These courses will be held entirely online through the Canvas learning management system.

    The ETEP endorsement consists of 18 credit hours of courses: 3 3-credit core courses (9 credit hours) which are focused on many of the core concepts in educational technology integration. An additional 6 credits of courses focused on technology to support your curriculum, and 3 credits of courses where you use technology to enhance your professional practice are required as electives. These 5000-level credits will be awarded through SUU at a cost to participants of $23 per credit to record.

    Teachers following in-step with the SEDC ETEP plan will complete this endorsement in 2 years, but we plan on offering these courses on a continual rotating basis, so you are free to jump in anytime that you can. Credit earned in the program can also be used for salary lane changes. Coursework can be applied towards a Master’s degree program from either Southern Utah University or the University of Utah.

    Our next round of courses will begin September 6, 2018, but if you are interested you can join in at anytime. The courses offered during the 2018-2019 school year begin about every 2 months and run for 6 weeks. We will begin the 12-week core courses in early September 2019. Take a look at the upcoming courses we will offer!

    Learn more about the entire endorsement program requirements from UEN.

    Download the 2018 ETEP Flyer in PDF format.

    illustration of ETEP 2018 Flyer

  • Academic Pathway to Teacher (APT/ARL) Licensure Program for Service Centers