FlashForge USA LogoSEDC has a 3D printer in house that is available to print out 3D objects and projects for our member districts, charters, and schools. No longer do schools need to wait to find funding for a 3D printer to allow students to model and create 3D projects. We can inexpensively print your projects for you!

How can you create these projects? Here are some software suggestions:

  • FlashPrint from FlashForge for Windows and Mac OS
  • Tinkercad, a Web-based tool, so it will work with Chromebooks (requires a free account)
  • SketchUp from Trimble. Head here to download SketchUp (choose Educational Use) for Windows and Mac. Utah has as statewide license for the Pro version. Additionally, there is a new online version that is free to use. SketchUp is the tool that build ALL of the 3D buildings in Google Maps, and it extremely easy to use.
  • Need a tool for Linux? Take a look at OpenSCAD.

If you’d like to just download some ready-made objects to experiment with, Thingverse has thousands of objects to choose from.

Ready for us to print for you? Here’s what we need:

  • File format needs to be in *.fpp, *.stl, *.obj, *.g, *.gx, *.svgx, or *x3g
  • 140 x 140 x 140 mm is the maximum printable dimensions or build volume (about 5.5 square inches)
  • Email file(s) to be printed to Josh Kleinke (josh@sedck12.org)
  • Let us know what color you’d like your project to be printed in. We will keep red, blue, white, green, yellow and black in stock. We are willing print on any other color of your choice if you would like to buy an entire spool of filament, which is currently about $30.
  • How many copies would you like printed?

We will charge $5 for each project to set up the printing jobs to cover our time, costs, and eventual printer replacement. We will print as many copies of each object as you would like for the setup fee. Jobs are measured in milimeters (mm). We charge $0.20 cents per Meter of filament used, or $0.0002 cents per mm.

Example Job: