The SEDC technology team provides support and assistance for LEA’s that are in the region. The team are video integrators and can offer consulting, registered purchasing, integration, and support.

Cameras Supported: Hanwha Techwin, Digital Watchdog and Arecont Vision/Costar
NVR Supported: DW Spectrum, ExacqVision

Please contact Scott at SEDC if you have questions.


Here are the Regional Guidelines for the SEDC Video Surveillance Program-2012-current

  1. All requests for video surveillance pre-engineering, installations, maintenance and support need to be planned, coordinated and managed by the district technology director or designee. SEDC technology team will be available and willing to provide support to the district technology director or designee in all aspects of the system.
  2. If a request is made from site personnel directly to SEDC this needs to be referred back to the district designee.
  3. SEDC technology team is willing to help provide video surveillance support at the same level that the district technology team can provide or is willing to commit.  For example, if the district technology team is able to run cable for the system, and they require additional manpower, the SEDC team would be available to help with this part of the project.
  4. SEDC will help the district designee with pre-engineering, installation and support in a timely manner but SEDC can’t guarantee a specific timeline or service level agreement (SLA) for this support.
  5. District technology team will purchase and install the needed hardware for the video server and video storage.  The SEDC team will be available to consultant and provide support in the design and implementation. 
  6. District technology team will purchase the video cameras, wiring, network equipment, cases, and all other hardware for the video installations.   The SEDC team will be available to consultant and provide support in the design and implementation. 
  7. District technology director or designee is responsible and will work with the SEDC technology team to ensure the network is robust and ready for the implementation of the video surveillance system. 
  8. It is required that SEDC purchase all ExacqVision and Digital Watchdog Spectrum licenses for LEA sites and will in turn invoice the districts for the exact same discounted rate (SEDC will not make a profit on these licenses).
  9. At this point, SEDC will help support Arecont Cameras and the ExacqVision and Digital Watchdog Spectrum software only, of course, districts are welcome to implement and support any or all other solutions.  In the future, if the majority of the districts/charter schools request SEDC’s support for additional brands of equipment (cameras, recording software/hardware, etc.), SEDC will be open to a discussion on such request and support.   
  10. SEDC technology team will continue to develop knowledge and expertise in the Arecont Cameras and ExacqVision and Digital Watchdog Spectrum and will in-turn provide training and support to the district staff.  SEDC will develop a collaborative environment for sharing and helping one other with this system. 
  11. The site administrator or designee is responsible for camera location placement (the camera location will not be selected by the SEDC Team). 
  12. The site administrator or designee is responsible to review video surveillance recording on a regular basis (at least weekly) to ensure the system is functioning correctly.  If there is an issue with the system the district technology director or designee should be notified.
  13. SEDC will help the technology director or designee to provide site end-user training after the system installation has been completed.
  14. Districts should implement and support an AUP for video surveillance for all their sites.  The SEDC AUP template can and should be used as a starting point for this.  The district legal counsel should review the district AUP on a regular basis.