Reimagine Teaching Videos

Using funds available to the Regional Educational Service Agencies from UETN through Utah’s CARES education funding, we have contracted with great educational thinkers to create multiple series of videos to help all Utah educators with ideas and best practices for instructing students at this challenging time. 

Index of Videos:

Matt Miller Video Series

Matt Miller, author of Ditch That Textbook, Video Series Banner

Student Engagement

Student Engagement

Matt introduces the Student Engagement and Planning Meaningful Lessons video series he has produced for SEDC.


Video is powerful and creates immersive learning experiences, and Matt gives you some ideas and inspiration to use those great video tools that are everywhere around you.


Strategies to gamify your teaching to engage your kids.


Brain-frendly, Instagram-worthy learning.

Global Connections

Learning with new friends around the world.

Battling ‘Overwhelm’

What to do and where to start when you are overwhelmed with all of the great ideas bombarding you for improving your instruction.

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Planning Meaningful Lessons

Matt walks us through his 5 waypoints along the roadmap to deliver solid techie lesson plans.

Step 1: Learn

Step 2: Engage

Step 3: Tech


Steps 4 & 5: Craft & Enhance



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Rethinking How Students Demonstrate Learning

Vision for Your LMS

Thinking through how best to use your Learning Management System (Canvas, Google Classroom, etc.) for more engaging student work.


Taking your instructions from good to great.


Taking attachments from good to great.


Taking feedback from good to great.

G Suite and Microsoft

Making the most out of these tried and true tools.

External Apps

Making the most out of the external apps that play well with your LMS.


How to create a great template for learning activities.

Offering Help

How do you offer help to your students without running yourself ragged?

The App Experience

You don’t always need the app to create the ‘App Experience’ for your students.


Finding More Ideas

Still need some more ideas? Here’s where to turn.


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Mike Roberts Video Series

Social & Emotional Health

Reassessing Assessment

In this video, veteran teacher Mike Roberts identifies five alternative assessment modes that can be done within any classroom. After presenting each concept, he then explains the good, better, and best elements of each idea.

Ten Literacy Strategies That Work in Any Classroom

From starter activities to exit tickets (and everything in between), Mike explains the how and why for each strategy. Plus, he offers up samples of many of the strategies to help you as you implement these ideas into your classroom.

6 Strategies to Improve School Culture

In Six Strategies to Improve School Culture, teacher, instructional coach, and author Mike Roberts identifies six simple-yet-effective strategies that educators can do on a daily basis to help shape the culture of their school.

9 Effective Online Learning Strategies

Struggling with how to connect with your online students? Veteran teachers and author Mike Roberts is here to help! Each strategy presented comes with both an explanation of how to implement it and the logic behind why you should try each one for yourself.

14 Reasons Why Teaching Is So Hard!

From the long days to the extra costs involved, Mike touches on many of the stresses that come hand-in-hand with being a teacher. In the process, however, he also offers up forty-two solutions to help make our jobs just a bit easier.

FIFTY Self Care Strategies for Teachers

Broken up into six easy-to-relate-to categories (exercise, mental health, cutting back, splurge, self-improvement, activities), there is something here for everyone regardless of your situation. If you have a serious case of the 2020’s, this video is definitely one worth checking out!


8 Proactive Classroom Management Strategies

In this video, Mike identifies eight strategies, followed by three simple-yet-effective techniques to implement each one, that are certain to improve your relationships with students. As an added bonus, some of your favorite teachers from television and the movies will be highlighted.



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Christian Moore Video Series

Why Try?

Intro to Resilience

Radically accept your circumstances

Flip the Switch

Get the whole picture

Emotional Fuel

Channel pain in to a cause

Relational Resilience

Surrendering the one-up

Street Resilience

Focus on what you did right today

Resource Resilience, Part 1

Get some production therapy

Resource Resilience, Part 2

Cultivate a worthy mindset

Rock Bottom Resilience, Part 1

Go for a small win

Rock Bottom Resilience, Part 2

Fix a broken window



Self Grace

Power of a future promise



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