Test Vouchers for UEN’s Free Google Certified Educator MOOC Courses

As you may know, UEN offers free self-paced courses for Google Certified Educator Level One and Level Two to help teachers become a Google Certified Educator. One barrier for educators is the fee that Google requires educators to take their certification exams. To help more Utah teachers become Google Certified Educators, UEN is offering exam vouchers to any teacher who completes the required coursework in the Google Certified Educator Level One or Google Certified Educator Level Two MOOC course. 
These vouchers provide teachers with a free exam to achieve their certification. Teachers who complete their Level One certificate can then work on their Level Two certificate and receive a second voucher to complete that exam as well. 
The coursework for UEN’s MOOC course follows Google for Education’s program and teachers submit screenshots of completed work. If teachers need additional help, GEGUtah and UEN hosted open GCE Level One and Two training sessions this Fall and filmed them. You can find the playlist at this link: 
If your school or LEA would like a training program to help teachers become Google Certified Educators, please reach out to UEN via this form
If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact Matthew Winters at UEN (mwinters@uen.org). Also, we would love to keep expanding Utah’s Google Educator Group with educators from around the state. Here is a great infographic PDF to learn more about Utah GEG and to share with others. Join Utah GEG at this link.