This week we will share an excellent, quick to use and master tool called Classroom Screen. It is a free compiliation of useful classroom tools – especially useful for teachers with SMART, Promethean or other interactive white boards in their rooms. It was created by a teacher who could not find an existing tool out there to fit his needs, so he made his own and is sharing it as donationware – if you love it, give him a little bit of money to help keep this an awesome tool. 

How do you use it? Just head to Classroom Screen, select the widgets you want to use, and project it to your class – that’s it!

Classroom Screen includes:

  • Clock
  • Timer
  • Traffic light – use as a visual reminder for noise level or when students can disturb the teacher or not
  • Random name picker
  • Text and Drawing tools
  • Work symbols like quiet, ask a neighbor, work together and whisper
  • Quick QR generator – enter in a site and it will instantly create a scanable QR code for students
  • Sound Level – monitors the noise level in the room 
  • Beautiful background images, both still and subtelly animated 

See it in action below!