The Third Grade students at Fiddlers Elementary are now Published Authors!

The Research 2 Write Grant enabled us to take a set of Chromebooks into the classroom and allow the students to work in their books online at their convenience.

With the help of the Teacher, Media Specialist and Reading Specialist the students were able to learn and apply research skills to complete their informational text books. Most students chose animals, and some wrote on other topics.  IMG_2154.JPG

The students added images found online, and self created artwork to enhance their stories.

The students spent time revising and editing their stories, they learned from children’s book author Mariana Llanos how important that process is when they were able to do a Google Hangout with her and discuss the writing process.


These books have been added to our Regional EBook Library and students in the six counties of the SEDC Region are able to check them out.


The books may also be viewed and downloaded as a PDF by clicking here.


This project was made possible with a LSTA Grant from the Utah State Library and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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