The items listed below are some of the best new and emerging educational technologies and tools that we have come across in our travels and work in schools. If you have something new that you love, let us know and we’ll add it here!

  • BYU Independent Study Courses Available for Utah Teachers using Canvas

    Usage Information About Blended Content from the BYU IS Courses in Canvas

    The BYU High School Suite blended courses were designed for teachers as a digital resource that supports face-to-face classroom instruction for original credit. The blended set of courses is unique in its offering and value for Utah schools. These blended courses are authored, designed, and published by a Utah-based university and designed by Utah Certified Secondary education teachers and BYU Independent Study Instructional Designers to meet Utah’s Common Core curriculum standards. These courses are natively delivered in Canvas giving teachers a full course or modules that contain content, videos, assignments, quizzes, exams that are fully aligned to Utah State standards. Most courses are self-contained, not requiring an external textbook or other resources, so these courses become a complete solution.

    Here is a list of the currently available courses . More courses are due to be added by February 2019.

    Every course is editable, so a teacher can adapt it to include their favorite assignments and activities without needing to create the content or assessment base for the course. The blended course offers teachers great flexibility on how they decide to use the course material. For example, teachers can assign students to study the course content and take the self-check quizzes in preparation for the classroom lesson, use the class time to work on the assignments or the teachers’ custom activities or projects, use the unit quizzes as formative assessments, and the midterm and final exams as summative assessments.

    There are currently about 100 courses available through Canvas Commons.  An additional 100 courses will be ready around February of 2019.  We currently have a 5 year agreement with BYU to uses this material.  If this material is well received we will look to work with BYU to extend this beyond.  A list of current courses can be found in the attached PDF.  These courses will NOT be available in any other LMS besides Canvas.

    License and Rights

    Use of this course and course material is limited to blended teacher-facilitated original credit courses in Utah only. The purpose of these resources is to support face-to-face classroom instruction for original credit for a cohort of students who begin, progress through and end a course together during an established academic time period. Reselling, re-distributing, sub-licensing, reverse engineering, as well as the removal of this notice, is expressly prohibited. Use of this course for credit recovery or non-facilitated online instruction is also prohibited, but may be available through a separate license. To request such a license, email

    Learn How to Use This Content in Your Canvas Course

  • UEN’s Homeroom – New Podcast Series

    UEN logo illustrationUEN’s Homeroom Podcast

    UEN’s Jared Covili (@covili ) and Dani K. Sloan (@DaniKSloan ) host a new podcast for educators called UEN’s Homeroom. This podcast is UEN’s chance to tell the stories and talk about the issues impacting Utah’s amazing teachers. They plan to feature educators and leaders from across the state of Utah in a fun and informative bi-monthly podcast.

    SEDC’s very own Clint Stephens is featured in Episode 2 to discuss how technology is helping rural teachers improve student learning. You can listen to that podcast below. Like it and want to hear more? Subscribe to the podcast series on iTunes or with the RSS feed. Not a regular podcast listener but would like to hear more? You can listen to back episodes on the podcast archive page . If you like it, subscribe and let the folks on Twitter know about it – #uenhomeroom


  • Friday Tech Tip – Classroom Screen

    This week we will share an excellent, quick to use and master tool called Classroom Screen. It is a free compiliation of useful classroom tools – especially useful for teachers with SMART, Promethean or other interactive white boards in their rooms. It was created by a teacher who could not find an existing tool out there to fit his needs, so he made his own and is sharing it as donationware – if you love it, give him a little bit of money to help keep this an awesome tool. 

    How do you use it? Just head to Classroom Screen, select the widgets you want to use, and project it to your class – that’s it!

    Classroom Screen includes:

    • Clock
    • Timer
    • Traffic light – use as a visual reminder for noise level or when students can disturb the teacher or not
    • Random name picker
    • Text and Drawing tools
    • Work symbols like quiet, ask a neighbor, work together and whisper
    • Quick QR generator – enter in a site and it will instantly create a scanable QR code for students
    • Sound Level – monitors the noise level in the room 
    • Beautiful background images, both still and subtelly animated 

    See it in action below!


  • Helpful and FREE Chrome Extensions from EdTechTeam

    EdTechTeam LogoFree Chrome extensions from EdTechTeam! That’s right, they’re totally free! No strings attached at all, just our gift to you. With no further adieu, here they are!

    Whisper – Whisper allows you to send a quick message to one student or multiple, even all at once! The kids get the message as a browser notification and as an email! Whisper imports your class list from Google Classroom so setup takes under a minute. Try it out!

    CheckMark – Are you tired of typing the same feedback on student Google Docs? Well be tired no more! CheckMark lets you set up canned comments to use with a quick click so you can make the process of giving students feedback on their documents much more efficient. And your menus sync to your Google Drive account so you’ll never lose them, no matter what machine you’re currently using. Try it out!

    ScreenShade – Want to cover a portion of your screen? Maybe you want to keep an answer covered for a time, and then have it go away after a few seconds or minutes? That’s what ScreenShade does, it lets you cover some of your screen or all of it until you’re ready to uncover what’s beneath. Try it out!


  • Tinkerline U – The Answer to “What’s Next?” With Your 3D Printer

    tinkerine u logoTinkerine U is the place to learn (and to learn to teach) 3D printing.

    There is no doubt that 3D printing is a game-changing technology. From aerospace parts to human organs, 3D printing advances vastly different industries alike. Amidst all the mainstream attention and media hype, however, are a host of questions many find themselves asking, like

    • Is 3D printing really for me?
    • What would I use it for?
    • Can I do anything practical with it?
    • How would I learn more about it?
    • Where would I even begin?

    Beyond specialized applications and niche markets where 3D printing is a natural fit, these questions continue to go unanswered for most of us. But it really shouldn’t be this way. Tinkerine believes 3D printing should be easily accessible to anyone willing to learn. It’s an incredibly powerful tool, and if used correctly, unlocks creativity otherwise not possible. From video tutorials to hands-on projects, Tinkerine U provides the resources and the community support for you to explore 3D printing in a way that works for you.


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