EdTechTeam LogoFree Chrome extensions from EdTechTeam! That’s right, they’re totally free! No strings attached at all, just our gift to you. With no further adieu, here they are!

Whisper – Whisper allows you to send a quick message to one student or multiple, even all at once! The kids get the message as a browser notification and as an email! Whisper imports your class list from Google Classroom so setup takes under a minute. Try it out!

CheckMark – Are you tired of typing the same feedback on student Google Docs? Well be tired no more! CheckMark lets you set up canned comments to use with a quick click so you can make the process of giving students feedback on their documents much more efficient. And your menus sync to your Google Drive account so you’ll never lose them, no matter what machine you’re currently using. Try it out!

ScreenShade – Want to cover a portion of your screen? Maybe you want to keep an answer covered for a time, and then have it go away after a few seconds or minutes? That’s what ScreenShade does, it lets you cover some of your screen or all of it until you’re ready to uncover what’s beneath. Try it out!