Angie Frabasilio of our Regional EdTech PLC has submitted her project, Extreme Word Problems (Google Slides link) that she has done with her students from Sunrise Ridge Intermediate School in Washington County School District. This lesson/project aligns with Utah/Common Core Math 7 EE, standards a and b.

The lesson is a cross between language arts and math. Students create a Google Slides presentation of an extreme word problem. The thought behind this lesson is that we see shortened math problems in math textbooks without the background behind it. Such as:

Allie gets paid $21 a day plus $2 per pair of jeans she inspects. How many pairs of pants does she have to inspect to earn $33?

Which can be shortened to 2x+21=33 or lengthened to a three page story.

Students make up the long, medium and short (equation) in a Google Slides presentation with illustrations, then share it. It also ties into – Math7.EE.a/b expressing real world events as an algebraic expression or equation.