The CyberCorps project is focused on exposing students in Southern Utah to a real-world authentic information technology (IT) learning environment. CyberCorps students will provide technology support, website development, and in some cases, technology training for their peers, teachers and the staff at their schools.  As a result, the teachers and school staff are able to focus on providing technology-rich classrooms that allow for research-based, student-centered projects.  Through this learning environment, the CyberCorps students will gain skills and hands-on experience in an IT field that is in high-demand.  Because these students are working hand-in-hand with teachers and others in the school to solve problems and to provide support, they will increase their confidence, self-esteem and communication skills. One impact is that at-risk populations, such as students in rural and isolated areas, female, minority and non-traditional students, including those that may not participate in sports or other extra curricular activities may also have the opportunity to participate in this program.

During the class period the CyberCorps students will have access to the online CTE “Introduction to Information Technology” Canvas course (CIP 11.0101) that will be developed through this project by CTE teachers/grant partners.  This IT endorsement course will help develop baseline knowledge for the CyberCorps students and most important will allow for sustainability of the program in the participating schools for years to come.  Students will be tested using Utah Skills Test #801.

Mountain West Computers and South Central Communications are prominent local IT service providers in the counties that are involved in this grant.  These companies are supportive of this project and have committed to provide opportunities for our CyberCorps students as Interns and other support staff.

After the school year is completed (June 2016) the CyberCorps teachers and students will gather in one central location, the Southwest Applied Technology College (SWATC), to be trained at a two day CyberCorps Computer Camp. It will feature workshops and activities specific to helping CyberCorps students better support the technology needs of their schools.

The most important aspect of this project is that each school’s network and computer systems become the CyberCorps students’ authentic hands-on learning environment. CyberCorps students will develop strong problem solving and higher-order thinking skills that will prepare them to continue the IT educational pathway, earning valuable IT certifications/degree, or entering the IT profession.

The following 20 schools will implement the CyberCorps program: Delta, Millard, Eskdale, Beaver, Milford, Escalante, Bryce Valley, Panguitch, Valley, Kanab, Lake Powell, Hurricane, Desert Hills, Dixie, Snow Canyon, Pine View, Cedar, Canyon View, Parowan and North Sanpete High Schools.

The consortium includes the six school districts (Millard, Garfield, Kane, Beaver, Washington and Iron) in the southwest region and one district in the central region (North Sanpete), Southwest Applied Technology College (SWATC), the Utah State Office of Education (USOE), Utah Education Network (UEN), and local IT companies (Mountain West Computers, and South Central Communications).

Post-Secondary Institution is South West Applied Technology College (SWATC)

Counties involved are Iron, Washington, Millard, Kane, Garfield, Beaver and Sanpete

The Specific Objectives and Purpose of the Grant Funding for the CyberCorps Project:

  1. Through this hands-on authentic learning environment, 100% of the CyberCorps students will develop their higher-order thinking abilities, troubleshooting skills and technology expertise as they provide training, troubleshooting and supporting technology activities for their school.
  2. CyberCorps students will continue on an IT Pathway as they develop skills and earn certifications that will serve them in a variety of IT professions.
  3. All CyberCorps schools will receive quality, job-embedded, just-in-time technology support to enhance classroom learning.
  4. All of the CyberCorps teachers will acquire their “Introduction to Information Technology” endorsement during the school year giving them foundation to continue to teach CyberCorps classes for future years (this endorsement provides sustainable funding as CyberCorps will be implemented as a state funded CTE class).
  5. A high quality “Introduction to Information Technology” online Canvas course will be developed by the grant partners and this course will be used by the CyberCorps students to develop IT skills to support/advance the technology in the schools.

The funding level to implement a successful regional CyberCorps program is $137,800. The entire project will require matching and in-kind funds from the organizations in this partnership of $38,700 for a total project budget of $176,500.

For more information on the CyberCorps program please contact the SEDC office.