TEAM – Technology Engaged Activities for Mathematics

an Innovative Grant awarded by
Superintendent Larry Shumway
and the
Utah State Office of Education

Seven third grade teachers in the three highest need elementary schools (East, North and Escalante Valley Elementary) in Iron School District along with the Southwest Educational Development Center (SEDC) have united in a collaborative effort to provide professional development and classroom technology access for students focused on enhancing mathematical instruction for at-risk and low performing students through the use of research-based Technology Engaged Activities for Mathematics (TEAM). See the full grant description.

Each of the classrooms involved have had a 10-station Windows Multi-Point mini lab installed. This technology allows 10 students to simultaneously access and use 1 computer server. This solution is much less expensive as well as easier to manage than traditional stand-alone workstations. Teachers and students will also utilize the Google Apps platform for email, document creation and management and student collaboration. 

Each 3rd grade teachers in the participating schools will receive high quality sustained professional development that will empower them to select and successfully implement instructional strategies through the integration of technology.