Southern Utah Media Conference 2015

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Teaching in the Library-Jana Dettamanti
Suggestions for how to use great picture books to teach simple language arts concepts and concepts from the core.
Library Planner  Best Picks Cure for the Common Core Books  Slideshow   Alvan Thayne

Best Practices with Using Koha-Cory Stokes and Chris Haught
In this workshop we will discuss and share best practices with using Koha.  We will look at searching, cataloging, and administrative features of the system.

Finding and Writing Grants for your Media Center-Cory Stokes
There are a lot of grants available for you to write/complete that will help fund projects for your media center, please attend this workshop to learn how to find grants and to write successful grants.

Taking The Pain Out Of Password Management-Clint Stephens
In this session I will start you down the road to login and password nirvana by introducing you to a few tools that will help you create, track and remember your passwords for you! These tools will create complex passwords and save them so that you will only need to remember ONE more password for the rest of your life. Bring your logins and passwords that have been jotted down on the note pads in your desk and sticky notes from under your keyboard so that we can get them secure! 


You Know You’re a Bookaholic If……Rea Gubler, Karen Houser and Peggy Wittwer

A twelve step program designed for addicts who are Passionate about Picture Books and Starving for STEM Connections. Presenters will share a variety of the latest titles in children’s literature for grades K-6.
Come feed your addiction!

Take Your Students on a Virtual Field Trip!-Chris Haught
 Explore the possibilities that await and see what equipment is needed and just how easy, and cost effective, it is to take a virtual field trip without ever leaving your school.  Learn about doing Book Clubs with other schools, Lit trips and more!
Virtual Field Trips

Utilizing Gale’s Amazing Resources-Summer Cornelius

This class offers an overview of the incredible resources from Gale now accessible free on Pioneer.  The Gale resources expand your library’s research collection not only in available materials but also in ease-of-use for patrons and anywhere, anytime access.  Learn how to navigate the databases and helpful tools, and consider new ways to incorporate Gale into classrooms across the curriculum.

Databases vs. Google-Jean Truman

Google is everywhere. As popular as it is, is it the most reliable resource for student research? While Google has undoubtedly shaped the way we operate in an online environment, is it the best resource when it comes to complete and through data collecting? Come enjoy a discussion on the pros and cons of Google vs. databases.

eSTRIDE and eBooks-Chris Haught & Cory Stokes
Have you heard about eSTRIDE? Our regional ebook library for Middle and High Schools? Come and see what is available for your students. For the Elementary Librarians, come see what books are available online, no downloading!

GMail and Google Tools-Clint Stephens
We all know the basics of using Gmail and searching Google for quick access to the world’s knowledge, but there are SO many things that you can do with Gmail and search that you probably don’t know about and could save you a LOT of time. Join me today to take your Gmail and Google Search Skills to the Ninja level!


Why Symbaloo?-Stephanie Frazier
Symbaloo is a free, easy way to provide quick bookmarking for your students or yourself. 

You will create your own account, learn the basics, and see a few ways that Symbaloo could make your life easier!

E-Books and Audiobooks: What the Vendors Didn’t Tell  Us-Colleen Eggett
Our students and staff are clamoring to know how to get downloadable eBooks and audiobooks from the school library.  No techie answers, just what to do. Come and learn the best practices of teaching people to use these new downloadable parts of our  library collections.  You may just learn how to do it yourself. Topics include:

1.  How to really teach school staff about eBooks and Audiobooks: what works and what doesn’t

2.  The audience may be different for reading eBooks and listening to audiobooks

3.  What you need to know

4.  What your students need to know

Using Your Noodle:  Technology to Improve Student Research-Jared Covili
In this session, educators will learn strategies for teaching students how to use technology to plan, develop, and cite content for research projects using Noodle Tools. Participants will also gain familiarity with Pioneer Library for information literacy, research projects, strategies for finding and citing online information. Join us and come use your Noodle!
Noodle Tools

Makerspaces-Jared Covili

What is a makerspace and how can this enhance your media center as the learning hub of your school?  We’ll explore the basics of the Makerspace movement and share ideas for self-directed student projects.

eBook Creation-Dani SloanCreation is a powerful tool for teachers and students. Learn how to use apps and online tools to create your own eBooks. We will explore apps for the iPad as well as tools that can work on any device to create eBooks.

Pioneer Library and the NEW GALE Reference Collection-Dani Sloan
Pioneer Library and the NEW GALE Reference Collection. We will explore apps for the iPad as well as tools that can work on any device to create eBooks.