SEDC Regional EdTech PLC: Building Tomorrow’s Technology Leaders


Techy Teacher Word CloudIn much of the professional development work we do at SEDC, we cover the basics of the different classroom technologies available with large groups of teachers as fast as we can. Rarely do we have the luxury of extended time to go deeply into the pedagogy of how to fully integrate an educational tool into classroom instruction. We see an opportunity to improve the status quo, and build technology leaders in the process.

SEDC has, with the help and guidance of our Superintendents, Principals and Technology Directors, assembled a regional EdTech Professional Learning Community (PLC), a cohort of 14 teachers who we can work closely with over at least the next two years. We have included 2 teachers from each district, and two charter school teachers from the core middle school subjects to be a part of this learning community. PLC teachers will need the full support of the principal & district technology directors. These teachers are not necessarily the current EdTech leaders in their school, but these teachers have that leadership potential. 

Our PLC members are teachers who…
* are life-long learners and thrive on innovation and change
* have a spirit of service and a desire to share with others
* have a love for problem solving and streamlining processes
* want to be on the cutting edge, but not on the bleeding edge
* have a true passion for education and technology

Starting August 2014, we will meet monthly with this PLC to provide in-depth training on the best educational technology tools and implementation practices. The initial meeting of this group will be in person; subsequent meetings will be done via IVC throughout the school year. We plan to work with each teacher in their classroom 3 times over the next two years to mentor, mirror and model effective integration of these tools in classroom instruction.

KidsTechnologyMember teachers will be expected to complete a student-centered technology-infused project in their classroom by the end of the two years. They will share what they have learned by providing technology-focused professional development in their school and/or district. Their projects, lesson plans, “Lessons Learned” and other learning products will be posted on the Regional EdTech PLC web page here.

In return, teachers will earn $20/hour for up to 50 hours of non-contract work for this PLC, as well as gaining all of the knowledge from their own work and from the PLC as a whole.

Each district has committed to funding $500 for each teacher involved, for a total financial commitment of $1,000. This $1,000 will be matched by SEDC for the total per-teacher stipend of $1,000 over the course of their Regional EdTech PLC involvement.

For evaluation purposes, as well as to guide the actual content this group will cover, we will survey the teachers on how they are currently using technology in their classrooms, what struggles and successes they are having, and what they would like to learn. We will also survey the group after working with them closely over the two year commitment. Also, teachers will post their ‘Lessons Learned’ in integrating classroom technology in their classrooms and with their students.

Potential topics for the Regional EdTech PLC include:

  • In-person roll out meeting, August 5, 2014. View the agenda here.
  • Project Based Learning
  • Web 2.0 Technologies
  • Data Display/SAGE/Formative & Summative Classroom Assessment Strategies
  • Grant Writing
  • Web Site Development
  • Integrating Social Media Tools
  • Presentation Skills/Interactive Whiteboards/Student Response Systems
  • Google Tools
  • Flipping Classroom Instruction