UTIPS Core is a new Formative Assessment System for Utah teachers. Here’s the note sheet that I use during my UTIPS Core trainings. You’ll find your district UTIPS core access addresses below. Also, you can find the most up-to-date UTIPS Core Information & Documentation here.


As always, if you are having any problems utilizing UTIPS Core, please feel free to contact Clint.

Now, a little background philosophy about the new UTIPS Core system. This system has been rewritten from the ground up to be a great assessment system for ALL stakeholders in Utah. As such, ALL users have a login into the system and a unique way to identify that user. This makes the data and information created by the tests that are taken can be used (eventually) in other data system, such as SIS. Not long from now, you’ll probably be able to give a UTIPS Core test and have those results show up in your gradebook!

UTIPS Core has been written using the latest web technologies. Because of this, it works very well on mobile devices like the iPad. It also requires a modern web browser, like Google Chrome or Firefox . Follow those links to download and install an updated browser if needed.