Gifted & Talented Endorsement Courses for Fall ’23

EDUC 5600 Learning Development and Individual Learning Differences in Gifted Education & EDUC 520R Differentiation with 21st Century Skills

New Cohort!

SEDC Registration FormUVU Registration Information

Registration is open for the Fall: EDUC 5600 Learning Development and Individual Learning Differences in Gifted Education and EDUC 520R Differentiation with 21st Century Skills. Anyone interested in the endorsement can begin now. This is the beginning of a new cohort. The endorsement can be completed in just one year!

This first class (3 credits) will be completed with virtual class meetings each Thursday and online with Canvas. The class begins on August 24th and will meet each Thursday until November 2nd. Zoom meetings will be held from 4:30 am until 8:00 pm.

The second course will begin on November 9th and end on December 14th with virtual classes being held each Thursday. Teachers can take it anywhere they have a webcam and a strong internet connection.

Here is SEDC’s registration form for the classes and to distribute to others. This link will only register you with SEDC you will also need to complete UVU registration for college credit. Registration with BOTH SEDC and UVU is required.


  • SEDC: There is a charge of $210.00 for a 3 credit course and $150.00 for a 2 credit course (if you are planning on your District/Charter to pay for this charge, please contact them and receive approval prior to registering).
  • Utah Valley University: UVU charges $15.00 per credit for class credit. There is a one-time admission fee of $35.00 if you have never taken a class from UVU.

Please review this information (Google Doc) to register at UVU for credit. The UVU registration for EDUC 520R will be sent out later to those that register for EDUC 5600. If you have recently taken a course from UVU, please skip down to the section with the YELLOW BANNER. We are encouraging teachers to complete the admission, registration, and payment of fees processes prior to the beginning of class.