Rational Numbers and Proportional Reasoning

EDUC 5510 – Summer 2023 Course for the Elementary Math Endorsement

We are ready to start registration for the Summer 2023 Math Endorsement Class: K-8 EDUC 5510 Rational Numbers and Proportional Reasoning. This is the second course in a new cohort. You are welcome to take this course even if you did not take the first course. This endorsement is recognized by USBE and is in cooperation with Utah Valley University.

This class will be held on Monday through Thursday starting June 12 through June 23, from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm each day.

Zoom and Canvas will be used to offer this class. No travel or in-person attendance is required. Virtual attendance through Zoom is required.

Please share our website with others who may be interested: https://sedck12.org/category/professional-development/endorsements/math-endorsement/

Please direct any questions regarding this course or SEDC’s Elementary Math Endorsement to Joe B. Wright- Executive Director of SEDC, joeb@sedck12.org, 435-586-2865


  • SEDC: The $210.00 SEDC course fee will be waived for each teacher and will be paid by the USBE STEM Endorsement Incentive Grant.
  • Utah Valley University: UVU charges $15.00 per credit for class credit. This is a three credit class. So, tuition will be $45.00 (there is a one time admission fee of $35.00 if you have never taken a class from UVU).  This fee will be paid by the teacher and may be reimbursed by the USBE STEM Endorsement Incentive Grant upon completion of the course.

Course Registration: 

YOU WILL NOT NEED TO REGISTER WITH SEDC, you will just need to register with UVU.