With the loss of SAMS, schools in the SEDC region had few options to quickly and easily obtain student performance data to help drive decisions on all levels – from what to teach next week to fundamental changes in the educational environment in a school. In less than a year, the State Office of Education and SEDC have developed two unique and useful tools to get you the data you need. The USOE Data Display looks at state, district, school and classroom trends over time, and the Regional Educational Data System reports (REDS Reports) show trends of students that I have in my classroom today.

The USBE Data Gateway  is an amazing tool to not only compare a school’s CRT scores to district and state-wide averages by year, but also charts scores longitudinally. Better yet, compare performance in each subject by grade level, then by subject and classroom. Teacher performance by standard is charted by variance from the state and is compared to the district average. Beyond simple proficiency level comparisons, UPASS progress scores are illuminated at all levels – great for showing student improvement. 

The REDS Reports in SIS, developed in cooperation with Washington County School District, has two main reports: A CRT report for each test that not only gives a teacher their students scores over the past 6 years, but also color-codes the scores to show the trend of the student. At a glance, a teacher knows whether their students have improved, maintained, or is sliding backward year to year.