EdTech Endorsement – Fall 2017 Classes

If you have not yet begun your Educational Technology Endorsement (ETEP) through SEDC, now is a great time to jump in! We are offering some additional courses you can take along with the Foundations course if you’d like to make up some credits or get a jump on finishing your endorsement. Follow the course links to learn more about what each course will cover and to register through UEN. These courses are open ONLY to teachers in the SEDC region. If you have been participating in our ETEP courses, the Foundations of Instructional Design for Educators is required to stay on track to finish your endorsement by Summer 2018.

Courses starting September 7:

  • Foundations of Instructional Design for Educators, ETEP Core Course, 3 Credits, 12 Weeks, Led by Clint Stephens
  • Utah’s Online Library: Preschool & Elementary, UEN Essentials: Utah’s Online Library, 1 Credit, 6 Weeks, Led by Chris Haught (if you are a secondary teacher, this course will still apply to you)

Courses starting October 26:

  • Teaching Digital Citizenship, ISTE Standard 4, 1 Credit, 6 Weeks, Led by Derek Larson

All of these courses are offered completely online using the Canvas learning management system. You can participate as your schedule permits each week. Discussions and assignments are made available each Thursday and are due the following Wednesday evening. 

ETEP Fall 2017