Flipgrid logoUse video like your students use video. Flipgrid is a video response platform that allows educators to host video based discussions with students. Educators create topic grids and students respond with recorded videos to discuss, reflect, and share via webcam, tablet or mobile device.

A grid is where your students go to view your topics, record their responses, and reply to their classmates. Grids can be open or locked and embedded into any LMS (Canvas, Google Classroom) or Web site. Set a topic to spark ideas and fuel the conversation. Add a new topic for an upcoming project, weekly readings, around current events, or wherever you want to lead the discussion. Students respond with videos recorded on their laptop, iOS, or Android device. Students have unmilited retakes, can pause and resume, and flip the camera to share their environment. Replies prompt students to ask questions and explore each other’s perspectives. Each video can be the spark for an entirely new discussion.

View a video on Flipgrid and enjoy the presentation below to learn more!