It’s almost impossible to keep up with what your kids are doing on their smartphones and mobile devices. They have so many apps! Which apps allow for safe, appropriate interactions? Which apps can be used properly, but could also be misused? Maybe most importantly, which apps should my students NOT be using at all?? has some very valuable information for anyone who is asking the questions above. Of particular interest is their Popular App Guide for Parents and Teachers. This guide details many of the most popular apps out there that your students may or may not be using. The guide categorizes these apps into three different “Zones”:

  • Green Zone – Apps that they consider to be safe for Teens and Tweens
  • Grey Zone – Apps that can be good and bad for your Teens and Tweens
  • Red Zone – Apps that they consider to NOT be safe for Teens and Tweens

In addition to some background information on these apps, each app has a video associated with it to explain how students are using (or missusing) the apps, how to tell if they have the app installed or not (or have had at one time) and how to talk with your student about why they should or should not be using it. 

Here’s a PDF Summary of their App Guide. Below is a video about the app guide and the apps in each zone. Do your homework and keep ahead of your kids!!