ClassFlow IconBy Merriam Ferre, via the December 2016 UCET Newsletter (PDF)

ClassFlow is a cloud-based teaching and learning platform. It’s free to use and offers easy lesson building tools that will help you quickly create lessons, assessments and assignments. Check out their website above. With the ClassFlow marketplace, you don’t have to recreate the wheel. They have thousands of interactive resources you can search through to find a resource that will help in your classroom. Similar to Teacher Pay Teacher, you can get many lessons for free and then there are many teachers selling their own made resources on the site as well. Checkout the ClassFlow Marketplace here.

ClassFlows’ interactive lessons in your classroom are easy to create and easy to deliver to your student’s electronic devices. They give students and teachers collaborative work spaces and chat options so that students and teachers can easily collaborate with each other. Another feature ClassFlow offers is rewarding behaviors of your students. You track their achievements in this easy to see format that motivates the students as well. With so many features ClassFlow offers, they are bound to be a teacher hit.