SEDC is partnering with Utah Universities, USOE, Charter Schools and the Region’s District Reading Specialists to offer a series of Reading Endorsement Classes to Teachers. These classes are held in satellite locations throughout the Region via Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC). The classes usually run from 4-8 PM on Tuesdays or Wednesdays for 10 weeks with adjustments for holidays as needed.

The completed classes are listed below, for the current schedule, please click here:


Level 1 Reading Endorsement Classes

Spring 2013-Reading Assessment and Instructional Interventions, February 12 

Winter 2013-Advanced Early Literacy and Language Development, October 1 

Spring 2014-Foundations of Literacy, January 14

Spring 2014-Content Area Literacy Instruction 5320, March 25

Fall 2014-Writing for Teachers English 6110, September 10

Winter 2014-Reading Comprehension Instruction MUEDUC 6350, January 14

Fall 2015-Instruction with Literature and Information-EDRG 5330, September 1

Click here for the Endorsement Application and Course List


Level II Reading Endorsement Classes

Teachers should have 4-5 of their Level 1 Endorsement Classes completed.

Fall 2014-Research in Reading MED 6355, September 9

Winter 2014-Supervision of Literacy EDRG 6890, January 13

Fall 2015-Literacy Specialist Intern EDRG 6890, September 17

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General Information

These classes are required for Teachers seeking a Reading Endorsement.

Content from the New Utah State Core Standards will be covered in each class.

Classes must have a minimum of 15 participants.

Classes subject to change based on demand.

If there are other classes needed, please check with:


Click here for USOE Site

Click here for USOE Curriculum information

If you are a Qualified Instructor and would be interested in teaching a class, please contact us.

For questions on the syllabus and more information, you may call or email Chris Haught at SEDC.