Enhancing fourth grade Math Education through Distance learning technology (EMED) provides the opportunity for three 4th grade teachers in 25 high need (poverty), low achieving, and low access (substantial need for access to technology) schools the opportunity to create effective, research-based math podcast lessons. Teachers also receive the latest math and educational technology instruction at their desktops from the best educators in the state regardless of district size or geographical location using WIMBA learning communities. WIMBA is a suite of online communication tools that include a virtual classroom with 2-way audio, video, interactive whiteboard, computer desktop sharing and chat. The EMED Project will capitalize on existing technology and provide additional access and resources to students and teachers.

The project ensures that best practices in math instruction (content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, and instructional strategies), coaching, technology integration, podcasting, and professional development are implemented. The research-based, instructionally sound podcasts will concentrate on critical 4th grade math concepts for dissemination to teachers and students throughout the state. These can be used during Tier 1 (primary) instruction or Tier 2 interventions provided to students identified as at-risk and who require specific supports to make adequate progress in Core concepts as directed by the Response to Intervention strategies.

Goals of EMED:

  1. Student Achievement: Decrease the number of 4th grade students not proficient in mathematics by 10% through the Implementation of research-based instructional practices and integrating effective technology solutions.
  2. Technology Enhanced Instruction: Develop well-designed podcasts of high quality, research-based instruction on critical 4th grade math concepts through the effective integration of technology resources and systems by:
    • Providing high quality professional development in full compliance with National Staff Development Standards,
    • Providing onsite and virtual classroom support and coaching.