Utah Instructional Media Consortium (UIMC)

The Utah Instructional Media Consortium  (UIMC) is a consortium of 41 school districts in Utah. The consortium members pool their resources to purchase high-quality media resources to support instruction, and Utah continued to support the 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. block of instructional television with some broadcast rights purchased by UIMC. The purchase made by the UIMC provide a substantial discount for the media titles provided by the district media libraries around the state. 

For more information on accessing and acquiring media for your school, contact Chris Haught at SEDC.

We are accepting Fall orders from September 1st to November 1st. 

Fall order form and instructions:

  1. To view the complete list of available DVD’s, click here .
  2. Download as an Excel or Save a copy to your Google Docs
  3. Rename file with your school name
  4. Enter quantities in last column
  5. Email list to chris@sedck12.org
  6. Each DVD is $1.25 and your school will be invoiced when the DVD’s are completed and picked up at SEDC.

Please do not copy/paste selections into a separate document or new sheet.

Orders will be processed as soon as possible.