For outstanding scholarship and persistence in the study of a world language. Nominee should have made unusual contributions to the field of world language study or demonstrated increasing interest in such studies at their school. Rankings received in world language festivals should be submitted. Nominees should also submit a brief resume of language projects or adventures in which they have participated. Nominees should be prepared to demonstrate their ability to communicate in the language by speaking, listening, reading and writing. For languages lacking a written component (for example American Sign Language and some native American languages) the written component may be replaced by a translation, interpretation or literature exercise that demonstrates skills in grammar, syntax, and artistic forms. NOTE: World Language includes any language, other than English, offered for credit in the general curriculum (not as an independent study) of any high school, college or university within the state of Utah. A foreign-born nominee attending an English-speaking high school may not use English or their native tongue as a “foreign language.” CANDIDATES MAY NOT COMPETE IN A LANGUAGE SPOKEN IN THEIR HOME (NATIVE LANGUAGE). Deaf nominees, for whom ASL is their first language, are considered native language users. Children of Deaf Parents are considered in the same manner as children of first generation native world language users. PLEASE NOTE: Any interview exhibits must be limited to those that can be carried in the arms of the nominee in one trip, without the help of others. The use of carts or similar devices is not allowed.