There have been many requests from teachers to have UTIPS tests available that are aligned with both the state core in addition to the “Growing With Math” program that is used in the elementary schools. Below you will find links to the UTIPS site that will provide a number of tests that were created to correlate with the “GWM” topics. (Click on the appropriate grade level)  

You have the ability/right to import these tests into your individual/grade level UTIPS accounts so you can manage, organize, edit them as you need.  (You will find the steps to import the tests below.)

3rd Grade                      4th Grade                  5th Grade


To Import the tests, follow these steps:

1.  Once you have located the test you wish to use, take note of the test ID, which is found at the top of the test.
2.  Go into your account, hover over the “test” tab and select “Import”, which is the 2nd to last option.  (Right by delete)
3.  Enter the test ID and select “Import”
4.  Click “Ok”

You now have that test on your account to use as you see fit.

Please contact me if you have any questions or need help with the import.