Up to 20 teachers in the region are invited to participate. The “Statistics” professional development training will be held the last two Friday/Saturdays in March (March 20, 21, 27 and 28). The first class (March 20 from 1pm to 7pm) will be held at the Iron District Office and will be a required in-person training session. The other three days will be delivered to the rural districts in the region using the eREACH system. Funding is available to pay for substitutes on the Fridays and a $100.00 stipend for the Saturdays.

The districts and charter schools in the southwest region will offer the opportunity for middle and high school math teachers to receive professional development in “Statistics” using high quality math tasks to meet the standards of the Common Core. 

Instruction will be provided by certified state approved instructors (Dr. Renae Seegmiller and Mr. Phillip Johnson). 24 hours of USOE Relicensure Points will be awarded for successful completion of the course, which will be posted in OnTrack. Course #: 61657, Section #: 72973.
Meeting dates & times:

  • March 20, 1pm to 7pm 
  • March 21, 8am to 2pm
  • March 27, 1pm to 7pm
  • March 28, 8am to 2pm
The regional Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) system will be used to connect to five-six centrally located sites in the districts within the region.
2015 Stats PD IMG