To begin this project, teachers and students reviewed the concepts of probability. They then tested and reinforced their understanding of probability with Pythagoras’ Fish Tank and the following presentation “What Are the Chances?”.

Once the students had practiced with Pythagoras’ fish, they then went about the task of writing their own questions on probability. With these questions, each class then created a collaborative Google Presentation where each student authored a slide with their probability question, along with an image that they drew or an image from the web and the answer for their query.

After the students had created their individual slides, the teachers then displayed the class presentation on the board. Each student ‘expert’ came up and presented their question to the class and called on their classmates to solve the problem and give the correct answer. The students became the content experts, and the additional practice further reinforced their understanding of probability.

You can see their efforts in the following classroom presentations.

Mrs. Stokes’ Class:

Mrs. Blackner’s Class:

Mr. Sahagun’s Class: