For demonstrating outstanding scholarship and achievement in one or more of the areas of music. Exceptional talent in composition, vocal or instrumental music will be considered, but service to school or community through this talent also will be among determining qualifications. Nominees should be prepared to demonstrate their musical talent during a period of three minutes by playing an instrument or singing. In addition, it is not practical to provide for special interview circumstances such as unusual musical instruments that are not available in most high schools. For example, if a nominee needs to play an organ for his/her interview demonstration and an organ is not available at the judging site; a videotape may accompany the nominee to the interview. Nominees should not be discouraged if judges interrupt the performance so that they may continue the interview. PLEASE NOTE: Any interview exhibits must be limited to those that can be carried in the arms of the nominee in one trip, without the help of others. The use of carts or similar devices is not allowed.