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Southwest Educational Center Partnerships

Since its inception in 1968 the Southwest Educational Development Center's primary goal has been to establish, promote, and expand positive partnerships with a diverse spectrum of organizations to ensure that equal, equitable educational opportunities are made available to the districts and schools we serve. To meet the changing needs of students and teachers in promoting achievement and providing economy and efficiency in the cooperative delivery of educational services to our member schools SEDC is at every opportunity building engaging relationships with organizations who will work with us in a team effort to implement research-proven, curriculum driven trainings, grants and educational programs to rural schools.

The Southwest Educational Development Center's proactive partnerships with the Utah State Office of Education, Utah Educational Network, Utah School Board's Association, Utah School Superintendents Association, Utah Rural School's Association, Southern Utah University, the Utah Legislature and the school districts and charter schools we serve is essential to successfully providing productive, educational equity to small rural districts. We place great value and emphasis on building and nuturing each partnership we establish in crystalizing our vision and mission in helping meet the very unique, special challenges faced in rural school districts. The partnerships we have are non-inclusive, as we continually seek organizations who will help us fulfill our educational mission.

URSA - Utah Rural Schools Association

SUECON - Southern Utah Education Conference

UCET - Utah Coalition for Educational technology



Utah has established four Regional Service Centers to assist school districts & charter schools in providing equitable and cost effective services and programs for students in rural Utah. In addition to the Southwest Educational Service Center (SEDC), these service centers include Southeast Education Service Center (SESC), Northeastern Utah Educational Services (NUES) and Central Utah Educational Services (CUES).

SEDC is a not-for-profit service center that supports the six public education school districts and several charter schools in Southwest Utah and exists to provide services needed and requested by the schools, districts and charters served.

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