Algebraic Reasoning for K-8 Practitioners, EDUC 5520 – Begins Monday, September 9

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This class will be offered on Mondays, September 9 – December 9, 2019, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

IVC will be used to offer this class. There are four designated locations where you can attend, but we are more than happy to add more if needed. We try to make it possible for you to attend within your school district so there is no travel.

Here is the SEDC Registration Form  for the class and to distribute to others who may be interested. (This link will only register you with SEDC you will also need to complete UVU registration for college credit).

Please download the class flyer to print and share with others who may be interested.

Please see the below information to register at UVU for credit .  We are encouraging teachers to complete the admission, registration, and payment of fees processes prior to the beginning of class.

If you plan on taking this course and receiving UVU credit, you must register through UVU for the class by carefully following the attached instructions.  If you have previously completed the admission process, then all you need to do is go online, follow the registration instructions on page 2, and then pay the course registration fee.  If this is the first UVU endorsement class that you have taken, then you will need to first complete the admission instructions and then register for the class. Register NOW since you have only 3 weeks from the start of class to complete the registration process.

John Allan is the UVU Endorsement Program Coordinator.  If you have concerns and/or questions related to UVU or the Endorsement Program, he is the person to contact.  He is more than willing to help you with this process. His contact information is as follows:

John W. Allan
Endorsement Program Coordinator
Utah Valley University, School of Education
Phone: (801)  863-7614