Edna LaMarca

EdnaEdna Jean LaMarca is the Director of the Southwest Educational Center. She has taught in the public school system for eighteen years serving as a principal for the last ten years. Her personal goal as she has progressed in her educational career has been to remove roadblocks so that teachers are teaching and students are learning.

SEDC's mission is to provide educators with the services that will allow them to spend their time wisely in creating and presenting excellent classroom instruction, assuring that the students of today receive the skills they need for tomorrow. SEDC strives to successfully meet the needs of students and teachers, promote achievement, and provide for economy and efficiency in the cooperative delivery of educational services that are identified and requested by member schools and Executive Board Members.

Our goal at SEDC is to help educators and administrators identify their needs and to assist in providing the avenues to meet those needs. Our team is continually seeking out new resources and knowledge while implementing best practices to deliver services and learning opportunities in a variety of mediums.

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 Edna has completed the certifications below:

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