The SEDC Regional Service Center working with the districts and charter schools in the region will provide a math endorsement professional development opportunity for elementary school teachers. To ensure that qualifying teachers have an opportunity to participate, the eREACH regional interactive video conference (IVC) system will be used to deliver the courses. The instructors for each of the six required math endorsement courses will be selected from a regional pool of highly qualified teachers.


If you have any questions about this program, please email Selene Corbridge or call her at (435) 586-2865


List of classes:

  1. Mathematics for Elementary Teachers K-8: EDEL5500 Numbers and Operations (3 credits)
  2. Mathematics for Elementary Teachers K-8: EDEL5510 Rational Numbers and Proportional Reasoning (3 credits)
  3. Mathematics for Elementary Teachers K-8: EDEL5520 Algebraic Reasoning (3 credits) - Course starts September 11, Course Registration Form
  4. Mathematics for Elementary Teachers K-8: EDEL5530 Geometry and Measurement (3 credits)
  5. Mathematics for Elementary Teachers K-8: EDEL5540 Data Analysis and Problem Solving (3 credits)
  6. Mathematics for Elementary Teachers K-8: EDEL5550 Assessment and Intervention (3 credits)


Project objective and scope:
The specific objective and scope of the project is to have certified elementary school teachers complete their math endorsement. The credentials will improve their classroom pedagogy and math instruction helping improve student achievement in mathematics as shown by state-level assessments.


The approach:

The first day of the first class will be January 9, 2017 and will run through the middle of May (15 weeks), holding classes via IVC once a week on Monday from 3:30-6:15pm.

It is required that each class be between 15-20 students. If we get less than 15 teachers registered in a class, we will not offer it. If there are more than 30 teachers requesting, the regional math committee and the SEDC board will determine priority.

Participating teachers will need to either purchase the Elementary and Middle School Mathematics book by John Van De Walle, or “borrow” a copy from their district office.
Each district and charter will be required to provide their participating teachers the required hands on manipulative that are used in each class.


Credit will be provided through UVU at $15 per class ($5.00 per credit hour).  Also, a one-time $35.00 UVU registration fee will be required for the first class. All credits will go towards the math endorsement.


The required six classes will be offered and completed with the following timeline:

  • Start date for the first class is January 2017 and will go to the middle of May
  • Start date for the second class is June 2017 and will be completed in a three week period
  • Start date for the third class is September 2017 and will go to the middle of December
  • Start date for the fourth class is January 2018 and will be completed the middle of May
  • Start date for the fifth class is June 2018 and will be completed in a three week period
  • Start date for the sixth class is September 2018 and will go to the middle of December


There is $1.5 million in funding allocated to support teachers to participate in a newly developed STEM endorsement program, through the Utah State Office of Education. Awards have been made to Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs) and districts across the state who responded to a request for proposals to develop STEM endorsement programs at their institutions to be offered to teachers. Each award was $100,000 per year for 2 years to serve 25-35 teachers in cohort 1.

Read more about the Elementary STEM Endorsement.


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