Executive Board

Executive Board of Directors

Within the limits of the operational project proposal and legal structure of the State of Utah, the SEDC Executive Board of Directors shall be the governing body for the Southwest Educational Development Center.  The Board of Directors is enabled to make decisions as necessary to promote the welfare of education and shall govern SEDC by establishing those policies necessary and essential to the general welfare of the six school districts, charter schools, their staffs, and students.

Voting members of the Board of Directors shall consist of the superintendent from each of the six school districts in the SEDC Service Region, and the Dean of Education from Southern Utah University. Non-Voting members include the two elected State School Board Members representing the southern region as well as a Charter School Representative.

SEDC Superintendents 8 2018


SEDC Executive Board Members

  • Voting Members
    • Superintendent Larry Bergeson, Washington County School District
    • Superintendent Tracy Davis, Garfield County School District
    • Superintendent Shannon Dulaney, Iron County School District
    • Superintendent Ben Dalton, Kane County School District
    • Superintendent David Styler, Millard County School District
    • Superintendent Ray Terry, Beaver County School District
  • Non-Voting Members
    • John Tripp, SUCCESS Academy, Charter School Representative
    • Shawn Christiansen, Dean of Education, Southern Utah University
    • Michelle Boulter, State School Board
    • Mark Huntsman, State School Board


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