EdTech Endorsement Course & Credit Overview for 2018-2020

We are about to begin Round 2 of our Educational Technology Endorsement Course series! Take a moment to review the Educational Endorsement Program (ETEP) Requirements  if necessary, but just remember that a total of 18 credit hours are needed, as well as attendance at an EdTech Conference to earn the endorsement. If you miss a course or come into the SEDC ETEP Cohort late, it’s not a problem – you can take other classes from UEN whenever they are offered or catch up on it later on from us.

View the current SEDC ETEP Endorsement Courses here.

As course registration becomes available, the course names listed below will link to the UEN Canvas registration page for each. Courses currently open for registration are in bold

ETEP Courses for Fall ’18 – Summer ’20


*Optional course if you can make the dates and locations work for you.

**Acceptable Educational Technology Conferences include: Rural Schools (URSA) UCET EdCamp UELMA ISTE  or a district technology conference.

Looking for the overview of the courses that we offered from Fall 2016 – Summer 2018? You can find that here.